About Us

Outpatient health services provided by Gotham Health are currently delivered through 38 sites, which include six main diagnostic and treatment centers, their 19 satellite facilities and 14 school-based sites. For decades, the highly skilled and culturally sensitive healthcare professionals at these locations have been responsively, respectfully and caringly providing healthcare services to the diverse communities they serve. They are dedicated to practicing "patient-centered" medicine, which means individual patient preferences, needs and values help guide their clinical decisions.

Care throughout a lifetime

Gotham Health provides access to the full continuum of care, which means that your care can be effectively managed over time, from the very basics, such as medical screenings and prescriptions, to more advanced care, such as in-hospital and critical care – and all that's in between.

When you enter "your medical home," you not only have access to comprehensive outpatient primary care and preventive services, but when situations arise that make other services necessary you also have access to the city's broader medical community. This medical community includes the NYC Health + Hospitals's 11 acute-care public hospitals, ensuring that you have access to after-hours and emergency medical care when centers are closed. You also have access to a broad range of specialty care services, such as home care, long-term care, and palliative care.

Whatever your ability to pay, your immigration status or the language you speak, we provide you with healthcare services through all the stages of life.

Care throughout the system

While always maintaining confidentiality, there is a comprehensive process for making, monitoring, and following up on patient referrals to both internal and external providers in a coordinated manner, using electronic health records and patient tracking logs. An integrated system of care guides and tracks your health and care throughout your medical home and extended medical community experience. Your primary care doctor at your neighborhood health center and all practitioners involved in your health within and beyond the center are able to communicate about your diagnoses, procedures and treatments.

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