Healthy practices

Gotham Health neighborhood health centers are committed to getting you healthy and helping you stay that way. An entire team, including nutritionists and social workers, are dedicated to your physical and mental health. That's why we place a strong emphasis on disease prevention and early detection to improve your health and the health of the communities we serve.

A new way for better care

Our primary care doctors work along a team of expert healthcare providers, including nurses, social workers and others, to manage all your healthcare needs. We call this a patient-centered medical home. It's not an actual place, but a partnership that allows you, your doctor and your care team to get to know each other and work together to improve your health.

Your medical home team always knows what is going on with your health and helps you get the right care when you need it. Your medical home can offer many ways to help you improve your health and well-being, and prevent, treat or manage such chronic conditions as diabetes, heart disease and asthma.

Gotham Health's patient-centered medical home teams promote routine, preventive care. For example, we:

  • Help manage and coordinate any screening, testing or treatment that a patient needs
  • Coordinate visits to specialists and follow up with patients about their care
  • Create a health plan in collaboration with the patient and provide support toward reaching health goals
  • Connect patients with the resources they need, such as a support group or health class
  • Are available if patients need to reach us, whether they have questions or just need extra support

We want patients to be active members of patients' care teams. We encourage patients to talk openly about their health needs, ask questions, and do the best they can to follow the care plans they have agreed to. Our medical home teams create an environment of respect, collaboration and communication. With a patient-centered medical home, patients can build a long-term relationship with their doctors, and the care they receive can help keep them healthy and out of the hospital.