Healthy communities

Gotham Health neighborhood health centers are responsive to the health needs of the individual communities they serve. Our commitment is to extend education and support outside the walls of our healthcare facilities and partner with other community stakeholders, including other healthcare providers and civic leaders to fill the gaps in health services that can exist, particularly in underserved neighborhoods.

Responsive to community health needs

Every three years, the healthcare needs of the communities served by Gotham Health's neighborhood health centers are assessed and strategies are adopted to address those needs. This ensures that our primary and preventive health interventions are continuously adjusting to follow trends in:

  • Asthma rates
  • Incidence of diabetes
  • Language needs
  • Immigrant health concerns
  • Mental health needs

A community partner

Each of the six main neighborhood health centers under the Gotham Health umbrella has its own community advisory board (CAB) made up of people who are representative of and are active in the local community. These members of the general public, who, in some cases are consumers of Gotham Health services, meet with representatives of the appropriate health site to relay and share information, and advise site and Gotham Health executive leadership on community needs and specific programs that should—or should not—be offered.

Because CABs are an important aspect of community-based participatory research and help ensure that services being provided have been identified as needed by the communities served, Gotham Health is looking to have a CAB member from each of the six main health centers sit on its Board.

Part of Gotham Health's mission is "To join with other health workers and with communities in a partnership which will enable each of our institutions to promote and protect health in its fullest sense -- the total physical, mental and social well-being of the people." To that end, Gotham Health sites have collaborated on numerous initiatives with service area providers.