Pharmacy services

Pharmacy services are available to all Gotham Health patients in need of prescription medications at all but one of the main neighborhood health centers. Patients from Gotham Health sites that have no pharmacies are referred to sites with onsite pharmacy services. Sliding fee scale discounts are available to qualified patients. Pharmacy Assistance Programs are available to aid those patients with limited or no financial resources to receive needed medications for free directly from pharmaceutical companies.

Laboratory services

Laboratory services, which include phlebotomy, core lab and STAT (emergency/priority) testing, are available onsite at various Gotham Health sites through Quest Labs, with numerous other sites having onsite phlebotomy services. Patients from Gotham Health sites that have no lab services are referred to sites with lab services. Gotham Health's electronic health record facilitates direct reporting to and access by the patient's primary care provider.

Radiology services

Radiology services, including X-ray, ultrasound, mammography, bone densometer and CT scan, are available at a number of the main neighborhood health centers; patients at other Gotham Health centers are referred to one of those sites. As with lab services, the electronic health record system ensures that the patient's primary care provider promptly receives all radiology reports.

Affordable healthcare for all

If you live in New York City, never let language skills, immigration status or financial concerns keep you from seeking the healthcare that you and your family need. Gotham Health has interpretation and translation services, and all health services at the neighborhood health centers are available at little or no cost.

Patients have the opportunity to explore the following payment options: