Mental health services

Gotham Health neighborhood health centers are staffed by expert and compassionate health care providers who believe in the full potential of prevention, provide mental health care with the same urgency as any other health condition, and work toward recovery and a better quality of life for all patients. Our approach to mental health care is based on the latest research, encourages patient and family participation, and is sensitive to our patients' various backgrounds, cultures and religions.

We offer a wide array of mental health services to help with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and other more serious conditions, such as psychosis, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The approach to excellence in mental health care at Gotham Health focuses on integrating your mental and physical health needs to improve your overall health. Our affordable mental health services include:

  • Mental health care for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. We offer services and referrals to comprehensive in-patient and out-patient programs that are offered in an environment of respect, using evidence-based approaches. Patients and their families are engaged in treatment planning, as well as rehabilitation and recovery opportunities.
  • Emergency psychiatric services. We link patients to the 11 New York City public hospitals, where their emergency teams offer specialized care for the evaluation and treatment of psychiatric crises, including suicidal or aggressive behavior for children and adults.
  • WTC Environmental Health Center. The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation Center of Excellence dedicated to the assessment and treatment of WTC-related conditions. With locations in Manhattan and Queens, the center provides medical and mental health care with no out-of-pocket costs to residents, students, workers, or passersby who may still be sick from the events of 9/11.
  • Substance abuse and dependence. Many patients suffer from the combination of mental illness and chemical dependency disorder. The staff of the Gotham Health centers are equipped to recognize and treat these disorders when they both exist.

Affordable healthcare for all

If you live in New York City, never let language skills, immigration status or financial concerns keep you from seeking the healthcare that you and your family need. Gotham Health has interpretation and translation services, and all health services at the neighborhood health centers are available at little or no cost.

Patients have the opportunity to explore the following payment options: